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Boss of Mr Burger now sells popular ‘Ramly’ burgers at MRT stations with Ananas Cafe

Wong’s never-say-die attitude secured him yet another location in under three months this time a smaller coffee shop stall in Bgain Eating House at Waterloo Street. 

Unfortunately, this location had very little footfall, and caused him to “lose a lot of money”. He closed shop on Apr 15, 2024.

According to Wong, the total amount of money that he lost cumulatively over these three outlets amounted to almost S$700,000. He shared: “I lost more than S$600,000 at Rochor Road and around S$80,000 at Waterloo, so total about S$700,000.”

Despite encountering roadblock after roadblock, Wong is undaunted. He shared: “Just because I’ve encountered unsuitable business locations does not mean that an authentic Ramly burger should disappear.

“Every time I order a Ramly burger from a pasar malam (in Singapore), I get very disappointed because the taste just falls short of the Malaysian standard. They anyhow put the sauce, some don’t even toast the buns. I have to preserve this authentic taste no matter what, so that everyone can find a good Ramly burger in Singapore.”


Wong says with relief that he and his partners have since paid off the money lost in the business. “I opened the Rochor outlet with two shareholders, and part of the total sum invested was theirs. They have their own (other) businesses too. But yeah, we’ve paid it off.”


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