Active fun: 7 Nerf gifting ideas to help get your family off the couch

This Fortnite-inspired, pump-action blaster could encourage your kids to take their love of this popular video game into the real world. It includes four big Nerf Mega darts that can be breech-loaded and fired one at a time.

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From Roblox and Fortnite-themed designs to the more conventional Elite 2.0 series and starter sets, there’s plenty of potential fun on offer for both kids and parents. With unique snake-themed designs, configurable layouts and retro sci-fi aesthetics, they’re a great way for families to rain foam from above – or behind a strategically placed couch.

Whether you join Singapore’s small but enthusiastic community of Nerf players or play at home, one of the benefits of this is that everyone enjoys a fun workout without even realising it.

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