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NSN.Asia Media provide opportunities for youth to get involved in news content producing  activities/events/campaigns/projects as an Intern, volunteer, professional, supporter, sponsor and leader.

NSN.Asia Programs will further provide cutting-edge training like coaching, camping, training and water saving focused activities, events and projects to the youth. VOW programs aimed for performance optimization engages and motivates youth to participate in water saving/valuing activities. The long-term goal of the VOW initiative is educating youth through practice-based projects with focus on the spirit of good leadership, mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and better nature, world and better tomorrow. NSN Team trains Youth to be a catalyst for change by engaging in constructive activities, equips them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for empowerment and success.

JOIN NSN.Asia in following fields:

  • Sponsor
  • Reporter
  • Supporter
  • Internee
  • Creative
  • Informer
  • Manager
  • Volunteer
  • Fellow
  • Media Officer
  • Researcher

NSN Asia Team believes in authentic, meaningful connection—to each other, to nature, society and to our sporters. That’s why we empower fearless storytellers/creative/talented youth who bring our world into focus—and create wonderful touchstones with the power to drive us together for valuing water. Through best-in-class talent development programs, mentorship, placement opportunities and industry exposure, VOW Media serves as a powerful conduit connecting under-represented Talent to our content and brands.

Media Contacts:

Ms Sophia

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