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Thailand scraps proposed tourism fee

Thailand has been moving to boost tourism in the country in recent months.

Last month, its government approved longer visa stay periods for tourists, postgraduate students and remote workers, and better visa conditions for retirees.

From this month, travellers from 93 countries will be allowed to stay in the country for periods of 60 days, up from the previous 57 nations, while more will also be eligible for visas on arrival.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, meanwhile, recently launched a campaign called “Amazing Thailand: Your Stories Never End”, which focuses on luxury travel while also highlighting Thailand’s cultural and natural attractions and promoting the country as a wellness and adventure destination.

There has also been a push to have the province of Nan recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which Mr Srettha highlighted during a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday as he detailed plans to promote tourism in the country’s north, the Bangkok Post reported.

In addition to these efforts, the government on Jun 4 approved tax measures to boost domestic tourism.

The measures which cover the low season from May to November include tax deductions for companies organising conventions and seminars.

Other measures were designed to increase domestic travel to secondary cities, with income tax deductions allowed for home stay and non-hotel accommodation expenses.

On Apr 30, Thailand’s tourism ministry said that it recorded 11.95 million foreign tourist arrivals between Jan 1 and Apr 28. Foreign tourism generated 575 billion baht in revenue during that period, it added.

Thailand is hoping to welcome a total of about 40 million foreign visitors this year.

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