Filipino actress Empress Schuck of hit drama The Broken Marriage Vow shares heartbreak of miscarriage

Filipino actress Empress Schuck has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage late last year, saying she was still struggling to come to terms with her grief.

Schuck, who was looking forward to welcoming a new member to her family of three, said in a social media post that “sometimes our plans for ourselves don’t align with God’s plans for us”.

“This year, we would’ve been a family of four or even five. From two embryos, to one, then to none. I’m still not sure how to talk about it,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of a sonogram of two embryos.

Schuck also commended her husband Vino Guigona and her family for staying by her side, making sure she felt all right through this “puzzling experience”.

“You are truly God’s blessing to me. We may not exactly understand how we feel about this but having each other is enough to say that everything will be OK,” said Schuck, whose hits include The Broken Marriage Vow, the Philippine adaptation of the popular British series Doctor Foster.

She continued: “To our family who showed us care and love, thank you and we appreciate all of you.”

Schuck’s ordeal sparked an outpouring of support from her fans and fellow stars who consoled the artist, saying “God has best of the best for you ahead”.

“So sorry to hear this, Empress,” singer Iya Villania-Arellano said.

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Wrote a fan: “It must’ve been really difficult to go through this for you and the whole family. Just take it easy and keep the faith.”

Some also sympathised with Schuck and shared their experiences of losing a baby.

“I lost mine due to a cord accident. Just know that you’re not alone, soon we’ll have our rainbow babies. Praying for our healing,” a fan said.

Commented another: “I also went through the process. It’s OK not to be OK sometimes.”

Schuck and her husband welcomed their daughter Athalia in 2015.

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