Some Emirates passengers hit the ceiling after severe turbulence shakes Perth-Dubai flight

Fourteen people received medical attention after an Emirates flight encountered severe turbulence on Tuesday, an airline spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

The Emirates Airbus A380 superjumbo jet was flying from Perth, Australia to Dubai when passengers were shaken violently.

As The West Australian first reported, the turbulence was so strong that some passengers hit the cabin ceiling.

And one passenger was given oxygen after they called out for help, according to the Mail.

On X, formerly Twitter, users who said they were on the flight shared photos of the damaged interior.

Wrote a user: “Me and @lunars_magic had the worst flight back from Perth to Dubai with @emirates. Genuinely felt that was the end as we hit the ceiling to ground twice and smashed the ceiling in. Glad to be home.

Another said that the turbulence occurred “literally a second” after the pilot told everyone to sit down.

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An Emirates spokesperson told the Mail that the injured were helped by crew and medically-trained volunteers on board, “with additional medical support provided via satellite link.”

“The flight was met by medical services on landing, and Emirates has also deployed its care team to ensure the injured passengers and crew are provided all possible support,” they added.

Emirates did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Back in August, 11 people were hospitalised after a Delta Air Lines flight from Italy to Atlanta encountered severe turbulence.

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