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AMD forecasts $45 billion AI chip market this year

AMD estimated there was a $45 billion market for data center artificial intelligence processors this year as it launched a new generation of AI chips on Wednesday.

Advanced Micro Devices announced two new AI data center chips from its MI300 lineup: one focused on generative AI applications, and a second chip geared toward supercomputers. The version of the processor for generative AI, the MI300X, includes advanced high-bandwidth memory that improves performance.

As AMD launched the new processors, company executives outlined how rapidly demand for AI chips has increased. The company said it now expects the market for data center AI chips to grow to roughly $400 billion by 2027.

Analysts estimate that Nvidia has captured roughly 80 per cent of the AI chip market, when including the custom processors built by companies such as Alphabet’s Google and Microsoft. Nvidia does not break out its AI revenue, but a significant portion is captured in the company’s data center segment. So far this year, Nvidia has reported data center revenue of $29.12 billion.

AMD’s MI300 series launched on Wednesday is positioned to compete with Nvidia’s flagship AI processors.

AMD also unveiled a new version of the software necessary to deploy the chips for AI.

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