Countries join China’s food-tech war on the West, Hong Kong logistics firms face eviction: SCMP’s 7 highlights of the week

3. US$280 in China, US$8,892 in the US: new Chinese cancer drug gets FDA approval

Vials of Toripalimab Injection are on display at the booth of Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd during the 8th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair in 2021. Photo: Getty Images

A cancer drug developed by Chinese scientists and recently approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will cost over 30 times more in the United States than in China, with two other Chinese cancer drugs set to experience similar price bumps in the US market.

4. ‘Political misogyny’: why is Jokowi’s wife cast as villain over son’s VP run?

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo with his wife Iriana (R) and son Gibran Rakabuming (R) at the Jakarta governor’s residence on October 20, 2014. Photo: AFP

Indonesian social media has been abuzz with heated debate over allegations that First Lady Iriana Widodo, wife of outgoing President Joko Widodo, masterminded the vice-presidential candidacy of her son, Gibran.

5. ‘Many can’t survive’: Hong Kong logistics firms worry over relocation plans

Hundreds of logistics operators are being forced out of sites in the New Territories to make way for development, but the Hong Kong government is only offering financial compensation, not relocation.

6. Foiled jewellery robbery in Japan sparks demand for ancient ‘sasumata’ weapon

A shop worker in Tokyo fended off two would-be robbers using a modern version of the ‘sasumata’, a spear fork weapon that dates back to the 1300s. The company that makes the weapon has been flooded with inquiries, as Tokyo sees an alarming increase in the number of smash-and-grab robberies.

7. ‘Insult to civilisation’: dead girl sold for US$9,300 as ‘ghost bride’ shocks China

Mainland social media observers have expressed shock over the ongoing practice of “ghost marriages” in China after a man’s dead daughter was “sold” to the parents of a dead man for US$9,300 by her adoptive family. Photo: SCMP composite/Shutterstock

A man in China has accused the adoptive parents of his 16-year-old daughter of selling her as a “ghost bride” after she committed suicide.

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