Hong Kong authorities look into allegations fireworks illegally set off in wedding photo shoot on mountain, amid blaze risk concerns

Hong Kong authorities are looking into allegations fireworks were illegally set off during a wedding photo shoot on top of a mountain in a country park, amid public concern over the risk of sparking a blaze in the area.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department on Friday said it had taken action to warn residents about relevant laws after a video of the newlyweds went viral on social media the day before. The footage showed the pair posing for wedding pictures at Tai Mo Shan with a person behind them holding a lighted firework.

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“The department has put up warning notices in the area to warn the public after receiving media enquiries,” a department spokesman said. “We will continue to follow up on the incident.”

He added that the department had not received any reports from residents as of Friday.

The video, reportedly taken by hikers earlier this week, was posted by environmental group Green Earth which accused the couple of being “ignorant and selfish”.

The hiker who shot the video could be heard shouting “so dangerous” to the photo crew, warning he would report them. The wedding group did not respond in the clip.

“The unauthorised discharge of fireworks is illegal in Hong Kong,” the group wrote in a Facebook post. “The pair also disregarded the risk of sparking a wildfire given the dry weather and green surroundings.”

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The group appealed to newlyweds and photographers to keep the protection of nature in mind, saying no shoot should endanger the environment.

It also said that lighting the fireworks might have been illegal.

The Post has reached out to police to inquire whether further action will be taken.

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According to the Country Parks and Special Areas Regulations, anyone caught using or lighting fires outside the designated barbecue or camping sites could be fined a maximum of HK$5,000 (US$640) and face one-year jail term.

Under the Summary Offences Ordinance, anyone who deliberately or negligently throws or sets fire to fireworks, causing damage or danger to others, could be fined a maximum of HK$2,000 and jailed for three months.

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