‘Who could be so cruel? China school security guard kills stray dog by hanging ‘to protect students’, sparking furious online reaction

A school security guard in China has provoked widespread anger on mainland social media after he hanged and killed a stray dog during a party.

The heinous act took place while everyone at Liaoning Advertising Vocational College in Shenyang in northeastern China’s Liaoning province was busy enjoying the school’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

An image of the security guard standing next to the animal – which looks like a Golden Retriever – hanging by a rope, was posted on social media.

“I couldn’t sleep after seeing this. I want to know how someone could do such a cruel thing? ” the person who posted the image said.

The helpless stray dog was hanged to death as students and staff celebrated a school anniversary. Photo:

The person defended their right to post the disturbing image and criticised the school for disabling comments beneath it, saying: “The real issue here is that the school has not taken any action.”

Responding to a mounting public outcry, the college issued a statement on its official website on October 21.

“After an investigation, we concluded that one of our security personnel acted inappropriately when dealing with stray dogs, resulting in the death of a dog and subsequent negative reaction. He has been dismissed,” the statement said.

“For school staff, showing compassion is a minimum requirement. This incident reveals insufficient education and management of security personnel, for which the school deeply apologies. We will enhance training, improve work methods and upgrade campus management,” it added.

Among the many incensed comments by people on mainland social media, some said they understood that the security guard might want to protect students from a stray dog, but could not condone killing the animal.

“The methods are too cruel. This is not protection for students and teachers,” said one person.

“Instead of arbitrarily killing dogs, why not relocate or hand them over to animal shelters? What gives you the right to do this? You can choose not to love them, but please don’t harm them,” said another.

“Extremes are seldom the solution,” another commented.

The heinous act intensified an ongoing public discussion about animal welfare in China.

The security guard, who claimed he was simply dealing with the problem of stray dogs, has been dismissed. Photo: Shutterstock

Some people were reminded of a recent incident in which a toddler was so badly bitten by a Rottweiler that she needed intensive hospital treatment.

Opinion about the attack was sharply divided on mainland social media.

Many people were outraged by the dog’s attack while others expressed concern about how the animal had been treated in the lead-up to the tragic incident.

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