Aristocats: 5-star China hotel offers stray cats free B&B in grand entrance, extends warm welcome to guests with small pets

A video, filmed by an unidentified woman, shows the mini shelter equipped with two bowls and a plush bed to one side of the hotel’s main entrance. A cat can be seen tucking into food.

Feline fine: the luxury hotel sets aside space in its lobby for a bed and bowls of cat food and water. Photo: Weibo

When asked how many homeless feline guests would regularly take advantage of the hotel’s generous hospitality, a member of staff said there were four, including two ginger moggies, that have been given the nicknames of Dahuang and Xiaohuang.

“Aren’t you worried about disturbing other hotel guests?” the woman asked.

“No, they will usually run when they see people coming,” the member of staff answered. Although he admitted Dahuang likes to be close to people, prompting the woman to ask if he was concerned about complaints from guests.

“Not at all. What is there to complain about? Haha,” he responds.

The customer support department at the high-end establishment said the hotel began allowing the animals to rest in the lobby some years ago, and there have never been any issues.

“As long as guests don’t go near the animals, they will be fine,” the member of staff explained.

Each guest is allowed to bring one pet weighing less than 10kg with them during their stay. No additional payment is required, except for cleaning fees if necessary.

The hotel’s kindness has received nothing but praise and admiration online.

“Big love,” said one.

“What’s the name of the hotel? Next time I will definitely choose this one,” another asked.

“It’s rare to see such pet-loving hotels. How wonderful!” another person wrote.

The unnamed, top-of-the-range hotel even allows human guests to check in with small pets. Photo: Shutterstock

“I agree. The hotel is so sweet,” said a fourth online observer.

Mainland social media is awash with animal-loving stories.

At the beginning of this year, a woman in eastern China received widespread acclaim for building a “canteen” for 17 stray cats and spending 2,000 yuan (US$270) a month feeding them.

In July last year, a video showed a woman in southern China who had taken her 13-year-old Samoyed dog outside, strapping it to her back then climbing the stairs to reach their home.

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