Hong Kong beekeeper dies 2 days after being stung while working at his apiary, second such case in 5 months

A Hong Kong beekeeper has died two days after being stung while working at his apiary, the second such fatality in five months.

The man, who was being treated at Tuen Mun Hospital, died at around 2pm on Saturday. A source familiar with the case said the deceased was 56-year-old beekeeper Tse Tai-hing.

Police received a report at 4.40pm on Thursday from a woman whose husband had been stung while feeding bees. He had rung her earlier complaining of discomfort, but their call was disconnected.

How dangerous are bee stings? Hong Kong experts weigh in after worker’s death

A neighbour also called the force after witnessing the man faint.

The beekeeper was found unconscious when police arrived at ForME HONEY in Wo Ping San Tsuen, Tuen Mun. Paramedics performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation before rushing him to Tuen Mun Hospital.

Tse was the founder and beekeeper of the apiary.

According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board website, ForME HONEY is a family owned apiary located next to Tai Lam Country Park, which is home to lychee and longan trees used for harvesting spring honey and ivy trees for the winter variety.

The company’s social media page stated it produced 100 per cent locally harvested honey.

Hong Kong government worker dies after being stung by bees

The apiary could not be reached for comment.

On May 12, Ng Kwok-pui, a 64-year-old field assistant at the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department died after he was stung four times by bees while planting trees at Chi Ma Wan Country Trail near Mong Tung Wan at Lantau South Country Park.

An insider told the Post that Ng had suffered stings on both hands and passed out four to five minutes after being stung.

One the same day, a 33-year-old man carrying out slope repair work in Sha Tin passed out when he was stung on his hands. He regained consciousness before emergency personnel arrived at the scene and was taken to hospital for treatment.

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