U.S. slammed for containing developing nations in name of human rights


A Chinese envoy on Tuesday said the practice by the United States to use human rights issues to suppress and contain developing countries is doomed to fail.

Dai Bing, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, made the remarks at the third interactive dialogue of the UN Human Rights Committee with High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We must fully respect each country’s independent choice of paths to human rights development based on its own national conditions, jointly oppose the politicization and instrumentalization of human rights issues or double standards, and resolutely oppose using human rights as an excuse to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs to suppress and contain other countries’ development,” said Dai.

He urged countries to be fully aware that unilateral coercive measures cause serious harm to the human rights of people in developing countries, and called for concrete actions to solve the problem.

The Chinese side firmly opposes the fabricated lies and malicious smears of China by the U.S. representative, said Dai.

Anyone who has been to China and anyone without prejudice knows that people of all ethnic groups in China’s Xinjiang live in harmony, Xizang’s economy and society continue to prosper, and people from all walks of life in Hong Kong enjoy extensive rights and freedoms in accordance with the law, he noted.

“All lies about China are self-defeating in the face of facts,” he said.

The Chinese representative also noted that the U.S. turns a blind eye to its own grave violations of human rights in problems like gun violence, racial discrimination, and border refugees.

(Cover: File photo of Dai Bing, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations. /Xinhua)

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