FM of Venezuela: U.S. conducts ‘multifaceted aggression’ against it

The United States is conducting “multifaceted aggression” against Venezuela, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil Pinto said Tuesday at the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Venezuela continues to be under constant threat from foreign powers that seek to infringe (on our country),” Gil said in his speech at the committee’s 139th session.

The U.S. actions against the South American country have had a “negative” impact on the rights of its people, he said.

The United States and other countries have adopted more than 930 “restrictive or punitive” measures against Venezuela, Gil said.

He warned that these measures have drastically reduced the state’s capacity to obtain the resources and services necessary to fully meet the needs of the Venezuelan people.

Speaking at the same session, a U.S. representative called for the Venezuelan authorities to release what he called “arbitrarily detained persons.”

(With input from Xinhua)

(Cover: Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil Pinto addresses the 78th United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York City, September 23, 2023. /CFP)

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