Wang Yi: China supports Afghanistan to establish inclusive government

China will continue to support Afghanistan to establish a broad-based and inclusive government and adopt moderate policies, senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi said on Thursday.

Wang, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, made the remarks when meeting with acting Foreign Minister of the Afghan Interim Government Amir Khan Muttaqi, who came to China to attend the third China Xizang Trans-Himalaya Forum for International Cooperation in Nyingchi, southwest China’s Xizang Autonomous Region.

As both China and Afghanistan are countries in the trans-Himalaya region that are geographically linked and historically connected, they can further strengthen cooperation through the forum to jointly promote ecological and environmental protection, sustainable development and people’s livelihoods, Wang noted.

China has always attached great importance to the development of its relations with Afghanistan, respecting its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the independent choices made by its people, Wang stressed, adding China has never interfered in the internal affairs of Afghanistan nor does it seek any private interests in the country.

China sincerely hopes that the people of Afghanistan will live in peace and happiness, that Afghanistan can play a more constructive role in international affairs, take effective measures to combat terrorism resolutely and completely eliminate the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a terrorist organization entrenched in the country, said Wang.

He added that China is willing to help the Afghan side develop its relations with neighboring countries and better integrate into regional economic cooperation through the mechanism of coordination and cooperation among Afghanistan’s neighboring countries.

For his part, Muttaqi said Afghanistan attaches great importance to its relations with China and hopes to actively participate in Belt and Road cooperation.

The Afghan side has done a lot of work to combat terrorism, he said, adding it regards the security threat to China as a challenge to itself and will not allow any activities to undermine China’s security and stability to take place in Afghanistan.

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