‘Vulgar farce’: terrified bridesmaids cower on street in China screaming for help as men spray fire extinguishers at them in wedding prank

Two bridesmaids in China were left crying, screaming and curled up on the ground after a group of men persistently sprayed fire extinguishers at them during a wedding.

The women, from Shandong province in eastern China, were victims of a wedding custom called “hazing”, known as naohun in Mandarin, which is the tradition of “disturbing” the celebration with humiliating and often violent actions.

The details of their injuries are not clear, but a viral clip filmed by a passer-by showed the bridesmaids being dragged and sprayed with the extinguishers by a group of men who didn’t stop even after the women collapsed to the ground.

The violent incident began as soon as the door of the car carrying the bride and bridesmaids to the groom’s home was opened.

The violent prank began as soon as the bridesmaids arrived in a car. Photo: Douyin

One bridesmaid fell to the ground screaming and curling up in a ball as the men sprayed her. When she eventually lay quiet and still, they pulled the other bridesmaid out of the car.

The first bridesmaid was seen hugging her knees and sobbing while the second one tried to escape as the men pursued her.

It’s not clear if the newlyweds stayed in the car or tried to stop the frightening act, but the screams and cries of the bridesmaids prompted passers-by to intervene and call the police.

“I think we shall stop their violent act. They shouldn’t hurt the bridesmaids for fun,” the passer-by who filmed the incident said.

He said both the men and bridesmaids had known of the plan and that the newlyweds had provided them with raincoats, presumably to protect themselves and their clothes from the foam.

He added that although the attack hadn’t caused physical injury, the wedding hazing was “overkill”.

It was not clear if the newlyweds stayed in the car or tried to stop the frightening act but the screams of the bridesmaids prompted passers-by to call the police. Photo: Douyin

Local police are investigating the incident.

At the time of writing, the video news story attracted 270,000 views and 7,416 comments on Star Video.

One viewer said: “Don’t beautify it, this is vulgar farce!”

Another commented: “It’s too scary. The newlyweds and those men have to take criminal responsibility.”

Stories about violent wedding hazing regularly cause outrage and spark public condemnation in China.

In January 2019, a groom in southern China who was struck by a car as he fled wedding pranks, plans to sue the friends who tormented him as part of the notorious tradition, which is usually perpetrated by men.

In October 2017, a man in southeastern China was tied to a lamp post with firecrackers attached to his buttocks. His resulting injuries required hospital treatment.

The custom of wedding hazing has a long history in China but some local governments have made legal efforts to have the outdated rituals banned.

In March 2021, a city in eastern China was successful in formally banning an aspect of the tradition where guests are allowed to tease the new couple and their bridesmaids.

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