China explores chip innovation, tennis star’s violent outburst at the Asian Games, dispute over India’s moon landing: SCMP’s 7 highlights

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2. Did India land spacecraft near moon’s south pole? Top China scientist says not

Chinese cosmochemist Ouyang Ziyuan, the “founding father” of China’s lunar exploration programme has disputed India’s claim that its spacecraft landed near the moon’s south pole in a historic mission in August.

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3. South Korean tennis player destroys racquet in Asian Games meltdown

South Korea was caught up in another embarrassing controversy at the Asian Games on Monday with men’s tennis player Kwon Soon-woo smashing his racquet to pieces after an unexpected loss in the second round.

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4. China hits back at the Philippines over Scarborough Shoal barrier ‘farce’

The Philippines’ removal of a Chinese floating barrier in the South China Sea is a “farce”, Beijing said, as the tit-for-tat continued in a row that has reignited tensions between the two countries.

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5. Hong Kong’s night scene: what will it take to get it alive and kicking again?

Illustration: Davies Christian Surya

While Hong Kong was once known for having one of the region’s most vibrant night scenes, little of that verve has returned in the post-pandemic months. “Hong Kong is a beautiful city at night, but there doesn’t seem to be much to do,” said a German tourist.

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6. Evergrande has ‘no bullets’ left as debt crisis lights up China’s social media

The debacle at China Evergrande Group is heating up some of the nation’s social media platforms with discussions about its fate. Some argued the penny stock is worth a punt before another bid to beat the drop. Others said bankruptcy may be inevitable.

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7. US influencer’s arrest in Japan shows lengths people go to be ‘famous’

Johnny Somali, was arrested in late August after allegedly breaking into a construction site in Osaka. Photo: Twitter @g_menguts_ch
Following Japan’s arrest of an American influencer who carried out a series of provocative stunts that triggered public outrage, there are concerns such cases could encourage others to commit mischief in an effort to become “famous” online.
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