Love and kindness in China: dog trembles in fear, boy keeps injured mother awake, honest man hands US$87,000 find in to police

The story of a pet dog in China that trembled with fear when it saw its owner shouting at her young son and daughter for fighting has delighted mainland social media.

The pet’s owner, surnamed Chen, from Sichuan province in southwestern China, filmed herself lecturing the children at home while they stood against a wall. The children can be seen crying as their pet dog shakes on the floor.

Chen said the children had been fighting while doing homework, which made her angry. She chastised the pair and ordered them to stand facing the wall.

The mother filmed the frightened dog after seeing its reaction while she told off her children for fighting. Photo: Weibo

When Chen turned around, she was surprised to see their dog quivering and tried to calm the animal down by telling it not to be scared.

The story has struck a chord on mainland social media.

One observer said: “Every time I have arguments with my family, my dog will run and hide.”

Boy keeps injured mum awake

A little boy in China who kept his mother awake by telling her not to fall asleep after she was knocked off her motorbike in a traffic accident has trended on mainland social media.

A video taken by a passer-by showed the mother in a red helmet lying on the road next to her motorbike as her three children asked passers-by for help.

“Open your eyes and wake up,” the son tells his mother in the video.

Houlang Video reported that the unidentified family from Jiangsu province in eastern China had a collision as the mother drove her motorbike carrying her three children.

Details of the accident are not clear, but it was reported that the mother felt faint afterwards while her children suffered minor injuries.

A still from a video of the accident scene filmed by a passer-by. Photo: Weibo

The passer-by who took the video said the mother seemed seriously injured and was taken to hospital.

“The children must have been scared,” the passer-by told Houlang Video.

Many people on social media were moved by the heart-wrenching story.

One commenter said: “I can feel how scared the children are.”

Another added: “Pray for the family.”

Man hands US$87,000 find to police

An elderly man has been praised for returning 634,000 yuan (US$87,000) in cash that he found in a paper bag along with deposit certificates while doing morning exercise.

The man, Xu Changshun, from Shandong province in eastern China, reportedly found the bag on the street on August 24.

Not having a phone with him or his reading glasses, he took the bag home after waiting 10 minutes to see if the owner would appear.

Xu is seen walking with the bag of valuables, which he took home and contacted police, who were able to locate the grateful owner. Photo: Weibo

Surveillance footage shows Xu holding the bag and walking to the residential community where he lives. He then called the police.

“This is a whole family’s savings, and they must be desperate,” Xu said.

The police tracked down the owner and returned the property which was his life savings.

Many online observers praised Xu for his honesty.

One person said: “The owner is lucky. Otherwise, his money will be gone.”

“We should learn from him,” said another.

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