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Hilton Australia asks jobseekers to send in applications on TikTok

SINGAPORE: Hilton Australia is asking jobseekers to send in TikTok videos when applying for a role at the company.

The hotel chain posted a 34-second video on its TikTok account @hiremehiltonau, telling people to search on its website for a job they want to apply for.

Applicants should then create a video that is 1 minute or shorter “showing how you would make this day for our Hilton guests”.

Jobseekers are then reminded to post publicly on their TikTok accounts, tag the @hiremehiltonau account and add the hashtag #hiremehilton.

The account will then get in touch with the potential employee about their application. 

The video, which was posted on Nov 9, ends with the hotel saying they are excited to hear from applicants and look forward to their “TikTok resume”.

On its website, Hilton Australia said: “Your dream career might be just around the corner and don’t worry if creating videos isn’t your style – we’re equally happy to accept traditional written CVs.”

A check on Hilton’s website shows that jobs on offer include bartenders, food and beverage attendants, and front office jobs.

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