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CNA wins 3 SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards for financial journalism

SINGAPORE: CNA’s financial journalism was recognised with three wins at the 2023 SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards on Wednesday (Nov 8).

Presented by the Securities Investors Association (Singapore), the awards recognise companies and individuals that adopt the best environmental, social and corporate governance practices, as well as those who drive education in investing.

The team at Talking Point led by host Steven Chia received a Special Award for a two-part series on malware scams.

SIAS commended the programme for being “well-researched and engaging”.

“It included real-life examples and presented technical concepts in a manner that the layman can easily understand,” the association said.

“It could not have been more timely and is a shining example of how good journalism can help educate the public on pressing issues and bring about positive change.”

The association added that the programme was also “directly relevant to all investors in Singapore providing guidance and caution to them how not to be scammed”.

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